Cash holding a gas can

Cash holding a gas can.

The Gasoline Can or the Gas Can is a pickup that appears in the level Fuelled by Hate, Mouth of Madness and Hard as Nails in Manhunt and levels Ritual Cleansing and Most Wanted in Manhunt 2. Only Cash and Leo can pick up the gas can. In Manhunt 2, it is used by Leo to create a Gasoline execution. It could be blown up in Manhunt.

Manhunt Edit

When carrying the gas can, Cash cannot run and fight. When shot, it explodes, killing all nearby hunters.

Manhunt 2 Edit

Leo steals some gasoline from the RSV Gas Station and uses it to kill the hired Cops inside the Project Warehouses, burn the piles of paper in boxes near the guard station and finally to burn his and Danny's files.

Gallery Edit

  • Manhunt 2 Gasoline Can Animation

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