The Fists are a standard weapon used in both Manhunt games.

In Manhunt, they are used by the Hoods, Skinz, Smileys and Monkeys.

In Manhunt 2, they are used by the Asylum Orderlies, Dixmor Inmates, Legion and Pervs.

  • In Manhunt: Cash's fists are only available if he has the Plastic Bag or Barbed Wire in his inventory or if he isn't carrying a Green Class Weapon. Cash's fist fighting consists of a street fighting/boxing-fighting style. When armed/unarmed, Cash can grab opponents and attack them. If Cash gets a hunter on the ground, he will simply kick or stomp him.
  • In Manhunt 2: Danny and Leo's fists are always available. Both Danny and Leo's fighting styles are street fighting. In Manhunt 2, you cannot grab with fists or weapons. When you get an opponent on the ground and kick him, Danny/Leo will either stomp or kick the hunter. You cannot punch a hunter while he is on the ground. You also cannot grab and attack a hunter.