Firearms, commonly known as guns, are types of weapons and a main feature in both Manhunt and Manhunt 2.


Usually introduced about a quarter way through each game, firearms are given to the player as an alternative to melee weapons, allowing the player to kill multiple enemies quickly and at a distance, however as the hunters will likely carry guns too, there is the risk of the player getting killed too.

There are many different types of firearm throughout the Manhunt series, being either blue class or red class and each one requires some kind of ammunition, which can run out but the player can take it from dead hunters or ammo can be found in certain locations.


Kill the rabbit

Cash taking cover

Although some missions are primarily firearm based (i.e View of Innocence, Assassination...) where shoot-outs are inevitable, and others revolve primarily around performing executions with melee weapons making them non-existent, in many of them both melee weapons and firearm exist giving the player the choice to stay quiet or get involved in a shoot-out.

To avoid getting shot, all protagonists of the series have the ability to take cover behind walls and objects and shoot at enemies who will also be taking cover. Some enemies are stupid enough to reload whilst out in the open, making it the perfect opportunity to kill them.


ProjectManhunt Manhunt2 OfficialScreenshot 004

Daniel Lamb performing an execution with the light handgun.

A new feature introduced in Manhunt 2 is the ability to perform executions with firearms. There is only one level of execution with each guns unlike the melee weapons that offer three.

On the PC and Wii versions of the game there are only two different execution styles, one for the blue class weapons and one for red class weapons, whilst on other versions there are different styles for almost every gun.

List of FirearmsEdit

The following is a list of all firearms found in both Manhunt and Manhunt 2.



Machine GunsEdit



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