Fauna is all of the animal life of any particular region or time.

In Manhunt and Manhunt 2 the player can discover animals in most levels.

Manhunt Edit

  • Rats - can be spotted in the abandoned areas of Carcer City. Cash can stamp or shoot them.
  • Crows - appear in the outdoor levels. These birds can be spotted flying or gathered around a dead hunter.

Manhunt 2 Edit

  • Rat - a rat can be spotted in the underground Sewer System, when Danny tries to lose the Bloodhound Maverick in Most Wanted.
  • Cat - inside the Project Laboratories.
  • Dog - right next to the cat, the dog will bark when Danny enters the Veterinary Lab.
  • Crows
  • Cockroaches - these creatures appear in the levels Ritual Cleansing and Personality Clash. Both Leo and Danny can stamp them.
  • Bats - Ritual Cleaning, they fly off from a sheet next to the second Cop.
  • Monkeys - inside the Veterinary Lab.

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