East Los Albos[1] is an abandoned neighborhood in
Carcer 2

Typical street. Just outside Carcer Church.

Carcer City that is controlled by the Innocentz. It is mostly made up of ruined buildings and shuttered businesses.

Events & OccupantsEdit

The entire area is considered to be Innocentz turf and is the setting for their part in Starkweather's snuff films. During the events of Manhunt, Ramirez is seen giving orders to the Innocentz from inside the abandoned Carcer Church. After Ramirez dispatches the Innocentz throughout the neighborhood, Cash raids an abandoned East Los Albos mall and following the Director's instructions, witnesses the death of his family on CCTV just hours after saving them.

After that, Cash is instructed by Starkweather to escort a Tramp across the hostile streets of the district to a graveyard located behind the Carcer Church.

After arriving at a massive chemical factory in the industrial section of East Los Albos, Cash wipes out most of Innocentz and leaves the neighborhood for good.


Stationary VehiclesEdit


Navigation Edit


  1. See official Manhunt instruction booklet.


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