Scene drunkdriving

Drunk Driving is the 9th scene of Manhunt and is the one where Cash must escort and protect the Tramp.


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Apparently, Starkweather thought Cash could use a co-star. Unfortunately he's not much of a co-star, but rather a drunken hobo picked up off the street. Cash is instructed to free his inebriated pal from a compound in East Los Albos, which has been surrounded by several Innocentz.

After taking out the patrolling guards and bailing the Tramp out of his makeshift jail, Cash is instructed to make sure he gets his new friend to the end of the scene in one piece. Starkweather refuses to open any of the electric gates for Cash that are blocking the path to the exit unless the Tramp is in his custody.

Cash, clearly annoyed with this new burden, constantly orders the Tramp around to make sure he's hidden as he makes his way through the trash-strewn streets, picking off Innocentz members one by one. Slowly but surely, they make their way through the streets and abandoned buildings.

Once they arrive at the cemetery, Cash is involved in a shoot-out with the Innocentz and he kills them all, before leading the Tramp through the final gate.


Time Goal: 20 minutes
Location: Innocentz Turf, Carcer Church
Hunters: The Innocentz
Other Characters: The Tramp (ally), Lionel Starkweather (voice)
Previous Scene: View of Innocence
Next Scene: Graveyard Shift




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  • A picture of Carcer Church and surrounding district can be found during the mission "Architectural Espionage" in GTA San Andreas - another game by Rockstar.
  • This is the only appearance of the Axe in Manhunt.
  • The Crowbar and Cleaver were cut from this scene.
  • It is widely believed that originally the Tramp was supposed to turn into the Beta character, Scarecrow, at some point and attack Cash, but was cut.
  • This is the only story-line scene where Cash is given a starting weapon (namely the Knife) that wasn't brought through from the previous one.
  • Unused dialogue from Starkweather tells Cash to go to an abandoned house and through a pedestrian tunnel in the level.
  • The level folder is named "church2", assuming there was originally another level with the "church" prefix.