Dr. Deborah
SESSION 4-26, part 11 - Dr. Deborah (video)
Game Manhunt 2
Location Dixmor Asylum
Allies Daniel Lamb
Dr. Whyte
Enemies Leo Kasper
Status Deceased

Dr. Deborah is an unseen character in Manhunt 2. She acted as the Project doctor for patients Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper.

Not much is known about Dr. Deborah beyond her working for the Project, after her death she was superseded by Dr. Whyte, who is known to be a clinical psychologist so it can be assumed that Dr. Deborah was also of the same pedigree. Through a patient therapy session between Dr. Whyte and Leo it is revealed that Leo killed Dr. Deborah prior to the events in the game. Leo says that he broke free from the chains that restrained him and strangled her to death just as she was about to ask him about his actions, primarily concerning the death of an un-named character, Dr. Whyte later informs Daniel that Deborah has taken a "leave of absence".

Gallery Edit

In the official website for Manhunt 2, there are images of Dr. Whyte representing Dr. Deborah. In fact, various images from in-game NPCs appear in the website representing other people.