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Darwin Street Deuces as seen in Sexual Deviants

The Darwin Street Deuces are a street gang in Manhunt 2. They are only seen in a cutscene in the level Sexual Deviants. Their colors seem to be, based on a shirt worn by a Deuce member in a cutscene, Blue & White. They are an all black gang. Their weapon of choice is unknown.

Leader: Possibly the man with the shirt with a white bandana design on it.

Type: Street gang

Business: Drug Selling, Assault, Loitering, Gun Smuggling

Front: Near the Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon

Turf: Red Light District, Velvet Glove Area

Enemies: The Red Kings

Affiliations: Unknown

Trivia Edit

  • They appear to be based off of the real life Crips street gang.

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