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The skyline of Cottonmouth.

Cottonmouth is the setting of Manhunt 2. It is depicted in-game to be a large coastal city, possibly situated on the shores of Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean due to the presence of a port in the mission Best Friends and it was stated to be inspired by a bunch of large southern US cities, including New Orleans (skyline), Charleston (suburban districts), and Atlanta (Downtown Cottonmouth), but not any one in particular, meaning that Cottonmouth is on the southern coast of the USA. However, the city looks like a combination of New Orleans and Atlanta in general. The exact population is unknown, but judging by how large the city is, it might be about 400,000. It is unknown in which state Cottonmouth is or if it is a real or fictional state. There are license plates scattered on some cars and trucks.

It is believed that Cottonmouth exists in the same fictional world as the GTA games, because of overlaps and references within them. This city is much more modern, cleaner, and safer than Carcer City, with skyscrapers in the area of Downtown, domiciled houses, and blocks. In Carcer, gangs are the most threatening, but here, Danny and Leo are more dangerous than the street gangs.

Some places in the city are similar to other places in the cities of the GTA 3D Era:

  • The Red Light District is similar to the Red Light District in Liberty City.
  • Sewer System in Cottonmouth is much the same as the sewer system in Los Santos.
  • Downtown is similar to Downtown in Los Santos. Some building models from Los Santos are in the game
  • The rich suburban district in the level Most Wanted is alike the Prickle Pine district in Las Venturas.
  • The residential district in the level Domestic Disturbance is similar to the Rockshore West district in Las Venturas.
  • The final room in the mansion in Daniel's mind in the level Release Therapy is similar to the attic room in the level Deliverance in Manhunt, where Cash killed Starkweather.
  • The studio back lot is alike the Red County in San Andreas.
  • In the hidden interiors heaven in GTA: San Andreas, there are brothels similar to the Bees Honey Pot.

Crime Edit

Wooddale cops

The S.W.A.T. team in pursuit of a serial killer.

The city has, in 2001, a low crime rate. This is mentioned by a civilian in the level Domestic Disturbance, who says "This neighborhood is completely safe, hasn't been a mugging in 8 years." However, by 2007, the crime rate went up severely. The main problem for the city is the organized crime, and in particular the problem of gangs (such as The Red Kings). The city has also problems with specific individuals like Leo Kasper and Daniel Lamb. The force responsible for patrolling and maintaining order in the city is the Police Department, consisting of Cops and a S.W.A.T. team.

Hunters in the City Edit

Gangs Edit

Bounty Hunters and Hitmen Edit

Police Department Edit

Other Edit

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The housing estate of Cottonmouth, as featured in Domestic Disturbance.

Notable Residents Edit

Known Districts Edit

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A rich suburban district in Most Wanted.

Places Edit


City Centre.

Transportation Edit

The main form of transport throughout the city is by road, there is a prominent freeway seen in the level Ritual Cleansing. There is also a train system and a Port situated near the bay and Blackwell Island. Ship sirens can be heard in this area. Like other cities, it is mused to be an airport here.

Weather Edit

The city is located in a cold, temperate and rainy climate. It has occasional thunderstorms and rain. There are no visual clouds except when there's rain. Sometimes, the sky is colored a dark-blue haze color. In the level Best Friends, the sky is clear and surrounded by stars, the water is covered by fog, but at the end of the level, the fog disappears. In the level Altered State, the moon appears to be big.


  • Strangely, the Cottonmouth Police Department seal was supposed to appear on the Police Maverick as seen in some trailers, but was cut from it (however it was found in the beta texture files). Also, the police cars don't bear the seal. Also, throughout the game, it is never mentioned the name of the city and in the Manhunt 2 instruction booklet it is said in one of the cases that the downtown area is called simply "City Center". This mean that the city from Manhunt 2 was supposed to be called Cottonmouth, but by judging by the facts above, technically in the game, the city is unnamed, even if the name was revealed by the Rockstar Games. It is unknown why the city isn't technically named in the game or mentioned. Ironically, many districts and neighborhoods around have a name (e.g. Wooddale, Red Light District, Maibatsu Plaza, Blackwell Island etc.) 
  • Cottonmouth is a type of snake found in the southeastern part of the United States, probably giving a clue to where the city would be located.
  • In the mission Broadcast Interrupted, there is a weather board showing an unspecified map. It is unknown what the area represented in the map, but it would be the location of Cottonmouth or some other locations nearby because the weather board belongs to The Project as they focuses on experiments in Cottonmouth and some companies here are owned by them.
  • Cottonmouth appears to be surrounded by mountains, which would be almost unrealistically for a coastal US southern city.
  • A river might be located in Cottonmouth, since there are sewer systems.
  • If Cottonmouth is inspired from New Orleans, the city might be located in a parish and not a county, since New Orleans is in Orleans Parish.
  • The seal of Cottonmouth Police Department shows a body of water, probably a sea or an ocean, a hidden shinning sun and some palm trees on a coastline. Despite this, Cottonmouth must be located in a tropical or a mediteranian climate and could support the fact that Cottonmouth is a southern US city. The seal looks almost identical with that of the Vice City Police Department.
  • The pedestrians here speak with a southern accent.
  • In the artwork of the Red Light District, we can see some skyscrapers in the background. One in the left side resembles the One Shell Square building in New Orleans and AT&T Midtown Center in Atlanta, the big one in the right side is hard to identify because it's a silhouette, but it would bear some resemblances to the Sun Trust Plaza in Atlanta. The building behind the Bees Honey Pot looks like a down-sized version of Coca-Cola Headquarters building in Atlanta and the other one in the right, which seems to bear a large antenna on it's rooftop, would be inspired by Westin Peachtree Plaza building also in Atlanta. This indicates that the Downtown area of Cottonmouth would be based on Downtown Atlanta or Midtown Atlanta. 
  • The map of Cottonmouth or at least, it's shape, could be represented by the police patch, as it takes many features from the New Orleans Police patch: the crescent and a possibly white star. The N.O.P.D's patch's crescent represents the city's shape. Because Cottonmouth Police is heavily based on N.O.P.D, we can assume that the crescent on the patch is the shape of Cottonmouth.
  • New Orleans is best known for it's cotton production and, also, it sits on the mouth of Mississippi River, hence resulting Cottonmouth.
  • In 2007, Cottonmouth's criminality rate raised very much due to the large amount of levels happening in this period. This might be a reference to the criminality rate in New Orleans in the same period, as New Orleans was described as the "Murder Capital of the United States". Although, in 2001 period, the criminality rate is rather lower, according to some pedestrians in Domestic Disturbance mission.



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