City Center is one of the district that the player encounters in Manhunt 2. It is the setting for the level Assassination.

The City Centre is the location of the city's tallest and modern structures and public facilities. It is an enormous part of the city, as it can be spotted in other levels and districts. As depicted in the game, the main landmark of the district is the Maibatzu Plaza, which is an important setting in the plot.

Businesses Edit

Project Report Edit

Taken from a letter from Dr. Whyte to Dr. Pickman, found in the instruction booklet:

9:32pm Maibatzu Plaza - City Center Mr. Stanley Grex, the main source of funding for Pickman bridge research, is assassinated in plain sight in middle of the plaza. Subject identified as assassin. Perimeter set up to allow no escape. Subject escaped. More Project casualties.


  • On the rooftops of Project Office skyscraper, at the horrizon, the Unnamed Mountains can be seen.
  • The City Center have buildings with similar model to skyscrapers in real life Tampa and New Orleans, but also to cities created by Rockstar.
  • Several billboards from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories can be seen on buildings.
  • The Majestic Hotel, which appeared in GTA IV, is present on the plaza.
  • There's a crane with ‘J.E.C. and Sons Construction’ written on it, this is a reference to the protagonist of the original Manhunt, James Earl Cash.

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