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The Securicar is one of the many vehicles from the Grand Theft Auto series that Rockstar North reused in the Manhunt Series.


The Securicar is based on a International 4700 armored truck. The Manhunt rendition is much longer than in GTA games, and it has Police written on it's side instead of Gruppe Sechs.

Manhunt SeriesEdit

The Securicar appears only in the first game and is owned by the Cerberus. They use it the get around and also drop off James Earl Cash at different locations. It can be seen in many cutscenes as well as parked up at the Carcer Chem Factory and inside the garage at Starkweather’s Estate.



  • The Securicar is found inside the garage at Starkweather's Estate, even though the exit to the garage is too narrow for the large vehicle to have gotten in there.