"I want that asshole's head on a spike, sergeant!" - The Cerberus Leader

The Cerberus Leader is the head of Starkweather's personal security unit. He is secured by his men at all times. His weapon of choice is the Assault Rifle. He can also be seen wielding a Taser (Road to Ruin) and a Heavy Handgun (Key Personnel) during cutscenes. During parts of the game, he and his team capture Cash and place him in different locations. He is ultimately killed by Cash, trying to hide from both him and Piggsy in Starkweather’s Estate. He appears in the levels Road to Ruin, Fuelled by Hate, Strapped for Cash, Trained to Kill and Key Personnel. Interestingly, the Cerberus leader can be executed, unlike Ramirez, despite both having extensive combat training and experience. Both men have suffered some form of damage to their left eye, and it appears that the Cerberus leader no longer has a right eye.

Manhunt All Cerberus Leader Quotes01:06

Manhunt All Cerberus Leader Quotes

Trivia Edit

  • The color of his bracelet constantly change colors from red to yellow during the scene Key Personnel, sometimes it changes right before the player's eyes.
  • Due to a mistake in Key Personnel's entityTypeData.ini, the Cerberus Leader uses normal Cerberus dialogue, even though he has his own special set of dialogue. It is set to "VOICE CERBERUS", but should be set to "VOICE CERBERUS_LEADER".

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