Carcer Mark Mall is an abandoned shopping mall featured in Manhunt, located in the Hoods Turf in Carcer City. It appears in the scenes Born Again and Doorway into Hell. The mall is located in Carcer Mark and is under control of The Hoods. It's interior and exterior is dirty, run-down and strewn with garbage.. The mall features two closed stores, Ugolino's Watchmakers and Taylor's Loans. There is a small parking lot outside of the mall that contains a van belonging to Valiant Video Enterprises, delivery vans and some overturned wrecks. A bottle of Painkillers can be found on the ground level.

In Born Again, the mall serves as Cash's main destination in the scene, where he's ordered to kill all of the hunters in the mall to gain access to the mall garbage chute.

Doorway into Hell features only the back side of the mall, where the trash is collected. As the scene starts, Cash drops out of the chute and lands on a pile of dirt.

Weapons Edit

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