Carcer City Library

Carcer City Library is an abandoned library situated in Carcer Mark, Carcer City in Manhunt, and claimed as The Hoods territory. The building has three floors along with the basement. The Carcer City Library is the setting for the levels Road to Ruin and Hard as Nails.

The main story Edit

The library first makes its appearance in the opening cutscene for the level Road to Ruin. After successfully killing a bunch of hunters, Cash is instructed to make his way to the building's cellar, which is patrolled by several Hoods. The entrance door appears to be locked with a padlock, which player must break to get inside. Inside the cellar Cash fights the remaining Hoods in the level and runs off the scene through the second exit, but shortly after that is captured by the arrived Cerberus and is taken to the next location. The library is never mentioned again in the game. During the events of this level, the player can find some collectibles, which include:

Also, the basement features some several dead bodies, hanging from the ceiling and a few crates, which purpose is unknown.

Bonus level Edit

This location is the main setting for the bonus level Hard as Nails. The player is locked inside the library cellar with no ability to get to the main street without use of a trainer. The location is slightly differs from the level Road to Ruin: there are many gas cans and explosive barrels, and unknown dead bodies are replaced by the bodies of Piggsy. Ammo for the Nail Gun respawns over time if it was picked up.