Bullworth is a fictional town in the New England area and is the setting of the game Bully. The town has five main districts and resembles a small North East Coastal town.


  • Bullworth Academy

Bullworth Academy is the towns independent boarding school for the nations worst behaved children, and is the main setting within the town. The school itself consists of various buildings and houses many of the schools students.

  • Bullworth Town

Bullworth Town is the shopping district of the town, housing many of the towns shops and the town hall. The area is frequented by Nerds, but the Greasers and the Townies also appear in the area while the Bullies can be found hanging around outside the Motel. It also appears to house many apartments.

  • Old Bullworth Vale

Old Bullworth Vale is a district, which has two main areas. There is a shopping section, smaller than Bullworth Town, and a residential area, which houses many of the wealthier residents of the town. This includes the Preppies and the leader of the Bullies, Russell Northrop. It has a beach, and is also where the carnival is located.

  • New Coventry

New Coventry is a run down district, consisting of mainly tenement housing. There are few shops, housing the poorer residents of the town. The district is the hang out of the Greasers clique, although the Townies also appear in parts of New Coventry.

  • Blue Skies Industrial Park

Blue Skies Industrial Park is the industrial district of the town and is home to the Townies clique. The area houses the poorest residents of the town and mainly consists of factories and industry.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a barber/clothes shop located in the New Coventry area called The Final Cut. This seems to suggest a reference to Manhunt since the poster and early released review copies of the game included the slogan Manhunt The Final Cut.
  • In Bullworth, Jimmy can go to such places as an asylum, a junkyard, a cemetery, a train yard and a chemical factory called Chem-o-Lot. Similar places can also be found in Carcer City.

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