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Born Again is the 1st scene in Manhunt where Cash is freed from death row and set loose in Carcer City.


ProjectManhunt OfficialGameScreenshot (12)
James Earl Cash was sentenced to death by lethal injection but wakes up to find he was only sedated. Someone is speaking to him through an earpiece and tells him he can live as long as he follows the "Director's" instructions and is introduced to a gang called the Hoods.

Cash must kill the first few Hoods to "audition" to be the star in a snuff film. Then Cash must fight a Hood and beat him to death while the Director films it with surveillance cameras. Then he must make his way to the Carcer Mark Mall, killing more hunters along the way, before heading up the stairs to the roof of the mall and kill more, before jumping through the trash chute.


Time Goal: 10 minutes
Location: Hoods Turf, Hoods Basketball Court, Carcer Mark Mall
Hunters: The Hoods
Other Characters: The Journalist (cutscene), Lionel Starkweather (voice)
Next Scene: Doorway into Hell

Weapons and ItemsEdit



Manhunt - Gameplay Walkthrough - Scene 1 Born Again12:49

Manhunt - Gameplay Walkthrough - Scene 1 Born Again



  • According to the instruction manual, Cash's execution took place at Darkwoods Penitentiary.
  • This level features only Green Class Weapons.
  • This is the only level where's Cash's health bar isn't full at the start. Possibly, Cash has a headache after the "execution".
  • The room where Cash wakes up is actually a closed down Coffee and Donuts store.
  • Towards the beginning, there is a shop called Ryton Aide which also appeared in GTA: Vice City.
  • The level folder is named "jury_turf" implying that the Jury appeared in some version of the level.
  • Unused text in the gxt has Starkweather telling Cash to "Get the video from that camera." This was later used in View of Innocence.

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