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Blista 1
Blista in Manhunt 2.
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Blista gta3
Blista in Gta III.
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The Blista (1995-2001) is a modern minivan in Manhunt 2, Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It appears in the levels Awakening (first cut-scene) and Domestic Disturbance.

Design Edit

The Blista resembles a third and fourth generations of Dodge Caravan in appearance (the difference is that the rear doors are not in hatch in game), whilst its name, rather unpleasantly, sounds like a combination of the word 'blister' and possibly 'Honda' (probably referring to the Honda Odyssey, but it has a closer resemblance to the Dodge Caravan).
Mh2 blista
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