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The Blackjack is a Blue Class weapon that appears in Manhunt.


Like the Wooden Bat, the blackjack is only ever used by the Hoods and is also the first Blue Class weapon introduced in the game.

The Hoods use this weapon in the early missions but once their part in the story is over, the Blackjack isn't seen again until the bonus mission, Time 2 Die is unlocked, where Cash starts with a blackjack and is objected to kill many hoods, who are also carrying blackjacks.


Missions in Manhunt:


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Executions Edit

Note: The Blackjack shares executions with the Nightstick.

  • Hasty: Cash spins the hunter's arm around, causing the hunter's body to turn around, and hits him in the throat, causing the hunter to fall to his knees, Cash then continues to hit him in the face, then the back of the head, then once more in the back of the head, killing him.
  • Violent: Cash hits the back of the hunter's head, causing him to fall to his knees, he then puts his knee on the hunter's back and puts the weapon across the hunter's throat, he then pulls back and breaks the hunter's neck.
  • Gruesome: Cash hits the hunter on the back of the head, causing the hunter to turn around before hitting him on the back of the head again, Cash then grabs the hunter's head and holds it with his arm, he then puts the weapon across the hunter's throat, Cash then lifts the hunter off the ground, causing the hunter's neck to break.


  • In some of the games .txd files, you can find an unused Blackjack texture.
  • In some unused files for Manhunt 2, the "small bat" is listed as a weapon, suggesting the Blackjack was going to return in the second game, but was cut.