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Babyface 1 about to kill one of Cash's family members.

Babyface 1 is an unnamed member of the innocentz hired by Lionel Starkweather to hunt down James Earl Cash. His dialogue clearly shows he is very intellectually disabled, behaving and thinking like a small child. If Cash is bleeding or he examines a dead hunter, he thinks it's just ketchup instead of blood, and he is also shown to be completely unaware that he is on a manhunt, instead seeing it as a "Hide and Seek" game. He wears a flowered T shirt, Pajama white and blue striped trousers, slippers and a porcelain doll mask. He is also seen killing one of Cash's family members with a Machete in View of Innocence. Either its him or Jules

Quotes Edit

  • "Please mister! Please don't!"
  • "I am sorry! I wont do it again!"
  • "(Crying) I promise to be good! Really I do!"
  • "Don't hurt me! I'll be your best friend!"
  • "(Whimmering) I didn't mean to! Really I didn't!"
  • "Please! Don't! (Whining)
  • "Help! HELP! HELP ME!"
  • "Your'e gonna be sorry! HEEELP!"
  • "Is that you? You meanie!"
  • "Guys! He's over here!"
  • "I know you're there you smelly nag!"
  • "Who wants to get the smelly nag?"
  • "I should share, I want my friends here too."
  • "I'm not playing your silly game by myself. LISTEN!"
  • "(Howling) He's the nasty man! HELP!"
  • "(Cries, snorts and whimmers)"
  • "My friends would like to meet you."
  • "I found him! I FOUND HIM! Come on everybody!"
  • "Here's the nasty man, who wants to be in my game?"
  • "Nothing. No ding, dingy, ding."
  • "(Sigh) Nobody to play with."
  • "Big boo hoo! No fun today!"
  • "Why nobody would to play with me?"
  • "He's making noises with "How many people?" Gun!"
  • "Oh Rats!"

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