Babyface 1
Mr. Masky face
Business Gang Member
Weapons Cleaver
Allies Innocentz
Enemies James Earl Cash
Status Deceased
Voiced by Adam Sietz
Gregory Sims
Manhunt 2011-06-01 17-43-26-75

Babyface 1 about to kill one of Cash's family members.

Babyface 1 is an unnamed member of the innocentz hired by Lionel Starkweather to hunt down James Earl Cash. His dialogue clearly shows he is very intellectually disabled, behaving and thinking like a small child. If Cash is bleeding or he examines a dead hunter, he thinks it's just ketchup instead of blood, and he is also shown to be completely unaware that he is on a manhunt, instead seeing it as a "Hide and Seek" game. Some of his idle lines are of him singing popular children's songs and nursery rhymes like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Ring around the Rosie", reinforcing his disturbed, child-like nature. One idle line disturbingly notes that he collects eyeballs, and is hoping that Cash has green eyes so that the Babyface can finish his collection. He wears a flowered T shirt, Pajama white and blue striped trousers, slippers and a porcelain doll mask. He is also seen killing one of Cash's family members with a Machete in View of Innocence. Either its him or Jules

Dialogue Edit

  • "Please mister! Please don't!"
  • "I am sorry! I wont do it again!"
  • "(Crying) I promise to be good! Really I do!"
  • "Don't hurt me! I'll be your best friend!"
  • "(Whimmering) I didn't mean to! Really I didn't!"
  • "Please! Don't! (Whining)
  • "Help! HELP! HELP ME!"
  • "Your'e gonna be sorry! HEEELP!"
  • "Is that you? You meanie!"
  • "Guys! He's over here!"
  • "I know you're there you smelly nag!"
  • "Who wants to get the smelly nag?"
  • "I should share, I want my friends here too."
  • "I'm not playing your silly game by myself. LISTEN!"
  • "(Howling) He's the nasty man! HELP!"
  • "(Cries, snorts and whimmers)"
  • "My friends would like to meet you."
  • "I found him! I FOUND HIM! Come on everybody!"
  • "Here's the nasty man, who wants to be in my game?"
  • "Nothing. No ding, dingy, ding."
  • "(Sigh) Nobody to play with."
  • "Big boo hoo! No fun today!"
  • "Why nobody would to play with me?"
  • "He's making noises with "How many people?" Gun!"
  • "Oh Rats!"