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Awakening is the first Episode in Manhunt 2, where Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper escape from Dixmor Asylum.


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After power failure, a riot begins at Dixmor Asylum and a battle begins between the Inmates and the Orderlies. Daniel Lamb wakes up and chokes Dr. Whyte, not remembering anything about his past and Leo begins helping Danny escape. Danny kills many orderlies and inmates as he makes his way to the elevator when he heads up to a higher floor. He then must close all the cells so the gate ahead will open.

He then makes his way to a window which he breaks and climbs through. Once outside, he kills the remaining orderlies and hides their bodies in the shadows before hiding in the back of a Trashmaster to escape.


Playable Character: Daniel Lamb
Location: Dixmor Asylum
Hunters: Asylum Orderlies, The Legion
Other Characters: Dr. Whyte, Dr. Pickman, a truck driver Civilian (cutscene), Leo Kasper
Next Scene: Ghosts

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Version DifferencesEdit

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  • The Sledgehammer appears only on the PC/Wii versions.
  • The Pliers appear only on the Wii version.
  • When the player reaches the cells that must be closed to advance, there's an inmate inside one that only appears on the PC/Wii versions.
  • The Dixmor inmate that runs past you and bounces off of the wall at the end of the corridor is different between versions. In every other version of the game except Wii, he's a Legion member. In the Wii version, it's a unique model of an inmate in a straitjacket.


  • The Plastic Bag, Axe and Hacksaw weapons were cut form this level.
  • Dead inmates resembling beta Legion can be found.
  • In the Beta Version, the Legion members looked like Leo.
  • There were/was (a) female inmate(s) in this level.
  • The title of this level may be a reference to the movie Awakenings, since that movie also takes place in a mental asylum.