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Asylum Orderlies
Apearance(s): Manhunt 2
Name: The Asylum Staff
Also Known As: Asylum Orderlies
Type: Asylum Staff
Known Members: Reznik, Reggie, Chris
Front(s): Dixmor Asylum
Weapons: Fists, Nightstick, Syringe
Allies: Dr. Pickman
Enemies: Daniel Lamb, Leo Kasper, Legion, Dixmor Inmates
Voiced by: Bill Hill
Pablo Schreiber
Cornell Womack
Manhunt-2-20070501011421763 thumb ign

An Asylum Orderly

"It's time for your therapy!"- Asylum Orderly

The Asylum Orderlies are an alliance that appear in Manhunt 2.

The Asylum Orderlies and Nurses oversee the patients of Dixmor Asylum, of which includes Danny and Leo. Their intentions are truly twisted, doing their job mainly for the money, with their way of dealing with patients primarily involves physical abuse and overmedication, and they are usually seen taunting the escaped patients and brutalizing them with Nightsticks or their bare hands. The first person Danny must kill is an Asylum Orderly. They don't exhibit any sort of excessive hunting skill and they also don't appear to be very skilled in hunting or hand-to-hand combat, but are shown to be very brutal, accustomed to wrestling and restraining patients, and beating them to death. Overall, they couldn't care less about the patients or what happens to them. They only appear in Awakening, Origins and the ending cutscene in Domestic Disturbance. Their weapons of choice are the Nightstick and Syringe.

An early design of the Asylum Orderlies looked slightly different. They wore light blue coats, white pants, white shoes and watches on their right arms. The first orderlies face was slightly altered. The second orderly had a moustache. The third's hair was more messy. Their original design can be seen in the ending cutscene for Domestic Disturbance and in the PS2 beta, Leo is seen strangling one in the beginning cutscene in Origins.

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Beta Asylum Orderlies.

Manhunt 2 Asylum Orderly 1 Quotes08:21

Manhunt 2 Asylum Orderly 1 Quotes

Trivia Edit

One of the Asylum Orderlies look identical to Dr. Crabblesnitch from Bully

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