Weapons red assaultrifle

The Assault Rifle as it appears in Manhunt

Weapons 2 red assaultrifle

The Assault Rifle as it appears in Manhunt 2

The Assault Rifle is a Red Class weapon that appears in both Manhunt games.

In Manhunt, it's real life equivalent is an M16A2 (full-size, 20 inch barrel with non-collasible butt-stock. Magazine capacity is 30 rounds of 5.56X45mm FMJBT). It appears in the missions Kill The Rabbit, Border Patrol, Key Personnel and Deliverance. In Manhunt 2 it looks like an M4A1 (16 inch barrel, non-collapsible stock, 30 round magazine), and appears in Broadcast Interrupted, Altered State, Personality Clash and Release Therapy.

It is a weapon used by Cerberus, The Bloodhounds, The Legion and The Watchdogs

Alternate Names: Defender Mark 6, M16, M4


Manhunt 2 Only


Danny/Leo knocks the hunter to the ground with the butt of the rifle, followed by a precision headshot.


Danny/Leo prods the hunter in the back with the rifle, as he turns around Danny/Leo then shoots him in the face.


Danny/Leo push the muzzle of the rifle toward the back of the hunter .As the hunter turns around, Danny/Leo jabs the muzzle toward the hunter lower abdomen rapidly three times. Danny/Leo finish him off with two shots in the body and a final shot to the head.



  • Strangely, Danny/Leo/Cash pull the charging handle to cock the weapon. This is incorrect, as the cocking handle is located above the stock.
  • The Assault Rifle in Manhunt 2 uses the same model as the Valve's Counter-Strike 1.6 and the weapon icon is from Counter-Strike Source, possibly an easter egg.
  • The same model of the weapon as seen in Manhunt 1 also appears in a cutscene in a GTA San Andreas mission named "Stowaway".
  • The game files for the first game refer to the weapon as "Commando" and C_Commando", which stands for Colt Commando, an alternate name for Colt AR-15/CAR-15 assault rifle. For some reason, the Colt AR-15 is compact and short-lengthed while the Assault Rifle has a longer length much similar to M16. It could mean that in the beta, this weapon was going to be based on CAR-15 (Carbon 15) or simply an oversight by the research team, which led the modelers to name it "Commando".