Assassination is the 8th level in Manhunt 2, where you play as Leo Kasper.

Mission Edit

Due to the shooting on the Bees Honey Pot Brothel rooftop, Danny has another flashback to 6 years ago. A project scientist and official has been assassinated on the Maibatzu Plaza. The Project Militia arrives on the crime scene. The team has lock down the Project building and a member of the militia instructs other mercenaries that if they get a visual on the killer then they are to shoot to kill. Danny is spotted in a window holding a sniper rifle. Leo decides it is time to move out. Escaping through the skyscapers from The Project and the police, Leo finally gets to the street. Taking out the last Militia members, Leo jumps down into a manhole and runs away from Downtown to safety.

Episode Info Edit

Playable Character: Leo Kasper
Location: Project Office Skyscraper, Project Plaza, City Center
Hunters: Project Militia, Cops (Police Maverick)
Other Characters: n/a
Previous Scene: Bees Honey Pot
Next Scene: Most Wanted

Weapons Edit


Video Walkthrough Edit

"Manhunt 2", full walkthrough (Insane difficulty), Episode 8 - Assassination10:25

"Manhunt 2", full walkthrough (Insane difficulty), Episode 8 - Assassination


  • Strangely, the sound made by the Police Maverick doesn't appear on the radar
  • In the beta version (not seen in current beta gameplay) there were two police helicopters.
  • In the intro cutscene, some of the Project Militia are holding Spas shotguns, even though those weapons can not be obtained during gameplay.
  • The sign on the lift that says Danger originally said "Spit 'N Wipe Bringing a Shine To Your Execution".

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