Antagonists, or simply enemies, are the main villains of the Manhunt series. The antagonist is usually a person that has betrayed or hurt the protagonist on a personal and social level, and spends the game moving against the protagonist in multiple ways.

All antagonists in Manhunt series won't or sometimes appear in the whole game, mostly as the protagonists' "guide". Antagonists usually has a henchman that fights against the protagonist.

They usually appear as an ally or a friend in the early levels in a game and eventually betray them. The protagonist sometimes may hunt down and kills the antagonist and sometimes may not make it, and instead, antagonist kills the protagonist.

The only antagonist that is also a protagonist is Leo. Danny is also the antagonist in the alternate ending of Manhunt 2, in the bonus mission Release Therapy while being the main protagonist in the whole storyline.

Current list of antagonists in the Manhunt series Edit

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