[[Image:Adam Innocentz|250px]]
Location Innocentz Turf
Business Gang Member
Weapons Sickle
Sawn-Off Shotgun
Allies Innocentz
Babyface 1
Enemies James Earl Cash
Status Deceased
Voiced by Geoffrey Cantor

Adam is a member of the Innocentz gang, he wears a either a black or red hood with the word "DRUGS" on it, a skull face make-up and blue pants or black pants. He is an fanatical satanist who is very much addicted to drugs, as his idle dialogue suggests. It is implied he may actually not believe in satanism, and is only involved with the gang and the manhunts in order to fuel his drug addiction. He refers to other gang members as "Dark minions" and to Cash as Angel. He is one of the few Innocentz that is not a Mexican. He has a very quiet-like voice and tries to sound deadly due to him sniffing a lot.

Adam Innocentz 2

Adam artwork.


  • "Shit man, I don't really believe in all this stuff, be cool."
  • "I'm your only friend, don't be a fool."
  • "I'm just a small-time, man, throw me back."
  • "I'll be your bitch! I'll be your bitch!"
  • "If you throw me down there, and I swear I'll hold on to your SOUL."
  • "You can't kill me, ya think u can, but you can't!"
  • "Innocentz! Gather like the Dark Angels, gather my dark minions!"
  • "Innocentz! I found fresh meat for dinner!"
  • "I need some dogs to flush this rabbit outta his hole."
  • "I think we found our little "play" thing."
  • "He's over here, I can smell his tainted soul."
  • "Mash this rout now, Innocentz, mash it!"
  • "Crush this fool! Crush his bunes!"
  • "Drunk your teeth into this fool's BLOOD!"
  • "Innocentz, his flesh!"
  • "Innocentz, I cornered the sniweling retch!"
  • "We got him!"
  • "Gather around, dark angels!"
  • "Think. He plays with me."
  • "Stealth. Nothing, nothing but rat shit and used rubbers."
  • "(Heavy breathing) He is cloked to me."
  • "(Sniffs) The voices give me nothing."
  • "He's already marked for US."
  • "He isn't whispering for u."
  • "Hey, he a gift for us."
  • "Gangs the thing, man. Don't all fall over this freak."
  • "Back off, and leave him to us!"
  • "Don't push us, take him into his fatted arms and empty vessels."
  • "Zombie material. Shit."
  • "He ain't sliden', he's sliden."
  • "Our brother has been taken!"
  • "He marks our flesh."
  • "I see you! Dead man walking!"
  • "It's him!"
  • "That's the one! That's the ONE!"
  • "Aho! Yeah, thats' him, HIM!"
  • "I can see right through to your very soul."
  • "(Sniffs) Hangin' around, hangin' around, hangin' around. (Sniffs) What's the time? (Sniffs)"